Since after our first legendary edition of Mongolian Gobi Ultramarathon 225km in 2013,
the number of participants has been incredibly increasing and this is not a surprise.
It is not only because of our many, many experiences with ultrarunning managements  but also the race venue Gobi, the mysterious area of Mongolia.

We run cross the habitat of the rarest animals and a unique natural landscape of high mountains, Springs, forests, sands, steppes and a rich wildlife kingdom that no one dares to look into.
Come run and treasure your legend at Mongolian Gobi Ultramarathon 225km, 2019.
Thanks very much indeed.

BJ Park
MGU225km founder
IAU Asia& Oceania Rep. ( ex)




I am very pleased to invite you to the 7th International MGU225km 2019. The MGU225km is well-known that the most wonderful and challenging event for ultra runners in the world. We have organized the MGU since 2013. It is a combined event of  great travel, running, walking & great challenge, including wild nature, blue sky, nomadic life, horse riding, camel riding, fire ceremony, sandy mountain, night running, much more things.

We are always proud the runners who have participated in previous 6 years. They are true Heroes for us. We are well-experienced and professional team, qualified equipment, medicals and safety. It is our advantages.

There is no traffic and buildings in the steppe and Gobi. There will only YOU and wild nature. I ensure that the MGU 225km is the greatest challenge for you.

On behalf of the LOC, I wish you all the best & looking forward to you with excitement.



Founder of the MGU225km

General secretary & Executive director of MUMF

(Korea) 차량으로2225км

달리기로  225км



Name of the race:  Mongolian Gobi Ultramarathon 225km  (MGU 225km)

Date:                     2019.06.28-2019.07.06

Course:                 Steppe & Sandy Mountain


Preliminary entry by 2019.01.15 500$
Final entry by 2019.03.05 1100$
Total reg.fee   1600$

Registration fee: USD 1600 per person, including full boarding & lodging, Local Transportation, sightseeing, Souvenirs, Finisher’s medals or trophies, Closing ceremony banquet party etc.,

The cancellation policy:

  • no penalty, 100% refund if cancellation notice 60 days prior to the race.
  • Maximum 50% refund if cancellation notice 50 day prior to the race.
  • no refund, if cancellation notice 45 days prior the the race.

The PEF’s and FEF’s should be completed and sent, before the DEADLINE time.

Woth the FEF’s, each Federation will send the list of its own runners, with names, date of births, sex , personal bests, arrival & departure dates & time. All forms must be send in digital format to:


All participants must apply a visa before their travel into Mongolia, except those whose countries are visa-exempted by Mongolia. Please check carefully with Mongolian Embassy in your country.

Transportation plan


Airport Chinggis Khaan International Airport
Place Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar – Arkhangai – Uvurkhangai – Terelj – Ulaanbaatar




All participants and runners will stay during the MGU

  • At hotel –         1 night
  • At GER camps –  4 nights
  • At TENTS –     3 nights

There will be water points at every 5 km. Hot meals will be at finish and while running

Technical meeting:

Place: Khasu Shivert camp, Arkhangai        

Date: 2019.06.29

Time: 19:00 – 20:00       


Opening Ceremony:

Place: Khasu Shivert camp, Arkhangai        

Date: 2019.06.30          

Time: 09:00-09:30am


Closing Ceremony

Place: SS Club, Ulaanbaatar       

Date: 2019.07.06          

Time: 16:30 – 20:30

Each participant should have their life & medical insurance, public liability property and travel etc., at their risks and expenses. Organizing committee has no such insurance covered.


#110, 1st floor, Olympic house Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel/Fax: 70009809

Facebook: Mongolian Ultramarathon




Race director

976 – 95959809


PARK Bokjin

Director of communications










(Korea) 날씨

최근 5년 평균으로

낮에          +26-36도

습도          20%

상태           매우 덥고 가끔 비가 내립니다. 5-6m/sec 바람


달러, 유로, 원 환전은 가능합니다.

  • 1$ = 2,500 ₮
  • 1€ = 2,700 ₮
  • 1₩ = 2,18 ₮


공용어는 몽골어고, 수도에서는 영어와 러시아어로 소통할 수 있습니다.


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